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The Power of the Dog

May 4, 2018

A post I hadn’t been planning to write, but the events of the week have compelled me to put into words my own feelings about a subject that is close to mine and I know many others’ hearts.   You may have guessed from the title, I am talking here about our relationships with our dogs.  Our loyal companion animals who connect with human beings.   Unspoken connections, of such intensity, devotion and loyalty, that when it comes to the time when one has to let them go, we are left behind, bereft in our grief.  This week, very good friends of ours lost their beloved dog.  And for our family and so many alike, we are able to understand the deep emotional impact this will have had on them.  That is the power of the dog you see.

I think in times like these, I find I am drawn to literature to help process the emotional storm that spins around within.  Sometimes we cannot put our feelings into words.  Just a swallow.  A gulp.  As we try to hold back the flow of tears again.  Tears that will be shed, at the most unexpected of times.  I’m fine, I’m fine, oh no…..I am not.  And so I was once again drawn to a poem that I had found, after the death of our own dog several years back.  It should come as no surprise then that it was penned by the great literary genius Rudyard Kipling.  For me when there are no words, this poem, truly expresses man’s connections with this most special of animals.  If you are familiar with this piece, I know you will already have your handkerchiefs poised.  If this is a first time viewing, then go get one!

And so I hand it over to Rudyard Kipling himself, ‘The Power of the Dog’  (please click on the link to view the poem)

Rolo and Rory enjoying life!




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