The December Race Ends

December 28, 2018

Here we are approaching the end of 2018 and like many others of the human race, I too have been racing!  It is a crazy time of year isn’t it.  Excess is everywhere   We consume too much food and drink.  Spend too much money (that we often don’t have).  And we race to every which where in our efforts to please and keep up with the traditions that have been instilled by society.

However, wherever there’s a Yin there’s a Yang.  I love this time of year for the very antithesis of the above.  The sharing of company with those you don’t see from one year to the next.  The contact we make through the sending of a Christmas card (or other) which shows we still keep people in our hearts and minds, no matter how far away they are.  And of course, the excitement in our children, who are there reminding us that magic really does exist.

It is also a time for making, baking, boiling, roasting and frazzling (in some form or other!)  I am not a baker…or a very good cook for that matter.  I’m sorry to say I do not enjoy it, despite my humble efforts!  Our turkey was good though and for once we managed to cook it…right through!  As for making of another variety, I have had much fun knitting, managing a few Christmas projects along the way.  The truth is I was probably knitting when I shouldn’t have been, and therefore did not join the race until I was for sure dwindling back in last place! 

There were Christmas coasters, which I’m proud to say were my very own pattern…..

My first dabble in pattern making

Some tea cosies based on a free pattern…..

Cherry Blancmange
Plum Duff

A Pom Pom Garland…..

I must not forget the extremely last minute knit that took more time than I realised it would.  A first Christmas gift for our Great Nephew, it became a race against time to get The Little Reindeer Tank finished in time for the final posting before Christmas.  Phew!  This one was a close call!!

Starting 10 days before Christmas…oops!
That tricksy reindeer didn’t beat me

Lastly though, but by no means least was this Christmas Eve Star, a free pattern by Paintbox.  For me it was so therapeutic to make and I loved sitting in front of the lights of the Christmas tree creating it.   You can choose your own colour blends, and use up any leftover yarns in your stash.  We kept a star for ourselves and gave the other to somebody who needed it this Christmas.  A reminder dreams can come true.

Greys, whites and silver bling centre
Blues, greys, whites with a hint of silver bling

Finally, I really do hope you have enjoyed this Christmas and wish you all a very happy and healthy 2019.  

Happy New Year kids!







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  1. Lucy these are amazing i love the reindeer tank top so much ! I think you should be at chelsea teaching me

  2. Some fabulous knitting Lucy. You’ve even managed to make me feel Christmassy reading this 🎄😳😍

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