Thank yous with Novelty Knits

July 21, 2018

We’ve reached that time again when our children have completed another year at school and all are ready for that 6 week summer holiday.  For our two boys, it also marks the end of their time with each of their teachers, as they individually move upwards into their next classes, and for one in particular a new school.  So of course what better way to say some ”thank yous” than to get the knitting needles out and find some fantastic free patterns to whip up a gift!

With not a great deal of time left before the end of term, something small(ish) and easy was required…..and I had the urge to do novelty!  I suppose after spending the last few months being committed to completing a serious shawl (by the way I didn’t have a serious face on during that time, I loved every minute of it!),  it is lovely to do something completely different and light hearted which makes you smile.  Not to mention (groan, here she goes again!) my “Knitter’s Hand” which in truth is still not quite fully recovered, so I didn’t want to overdo it!  So this is what I chose.


Owl bookmarks on some nicely staged books


….and a Mug Cozy!

Keeping the cuppa warm!

I used whatever so called scrap yarn (I love the term ‘scrap’, because it is anything but!) that I had.  The pattern I used for the bookmarks by Aldersign Design, is called Owly Bookmark which I originally obtained through the Love Knitting website.

Owly Bookmark

You can pick up some fantastic free patterns here, along with tools, yarn and general advice.  This was a great quick, effective knit and they looked so pretty as a gift.

Then came the mug cozy pattern which I just fell in love with.  This Simple Sweater Mug Cozy by Lily Sugar’n Cream was also free and very easy to follow (even for me).  This being a gift for a male, I did go out to search out for some old fashioned buttons, the kind that you may find on an old Aran sweater.  I was so pleased when I found these!  I think they make it feel a little more masculine don’t you think!  But oh so cute!  Oh don’t you love a novelty knit.

Love these buttons

So happy holidays to all those lucky enough to have some, and to those who don’t, maybe you’ll be lucky to get away when the summer rush is over, and quieter times ensue!


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