knitted MacBook sleeve

T-wit T-wool ! How very Owlish

April 28, 2018

If you are on the look out for a novelty pouch/case/holder for perhaps a tablet, IPad or netbook, this maybe something of interest.  I made this owlish chap for my son’s IPad Mini last October.

Handmade knitted IPad sleeve
Owlish IPad mini case

This is a free pattern called Owlish by Corrisande and was very straightforward to follow.  Having said that I had never tried my hand at crochet before, so there was an immediadte search for any tutorials on YouTube so that ‘owl eyes’ could be created.  My virtual granny didn’t disappoint and before long (long being the operative word) the eyes of the owl were cobbled together.  I should say though, it is a good thing you cannot scrutinise them too closely from the photograph!

My sister was quite smitten with this little fella and so asked me if I could make one for her 19 year old son Owen, as a Christmas present.  This time however, it was for a MacBook.  So armed with some new measurements (13″×9″), I headed to my local yarn shop Leven Crafts in Guisborough and purchased some Drops Nepal.

Drops Nepal
Drops Nepal

I love this yarn, a beautiful blend of 65% Wool and 35% Alpaca, so it is gorgeously soft to the touch.  I have to say I am really drawn to knitting with natural fibres.  This yarn in particular is dreamy to knit with, stitches sliding off the needles with ease.  It is also a bargain at £2.10 a ball.

I pretty much stuck to the pattern, but increased the needle size to 9mm (13 US ) and used a double strand of each colour of the wool.  I replaced a toggle for the beak this time as felt this may be more secure for the heavier device it would be holding.  As the pattern says itself, they are guidelines really and it can be altered to your taste.

13"x 9" MacBook sleeve
Knitting the MacBook case

Hey, but those crocheted owl eyes are amazing, I hear you say!  And you a newbie crocheter!!  Well, psst!  Listen in….indeed they are superb because I did not crochet them.  You see it took me such an age to do the last pair (for my own son’s device), that I was literally running out of time to be able to send the finished article before Christmas.   Oh how tricksy I am, so how did I do it?  Well, I unpicked  these particular eyes off an old child’s hat which had certainly seen better days, and just sewed them on my new creation.  I always feel it’s good to upcycle don’t you!  Et voila!  Owen’s Owl was born!

Handmade MacBook Sleeve
Owen’s Owl

Anyway, I believe my lovely nephew Owen was pleased with his Christmas present and his owly companion is now in constant use at University.

Owen and his Owl

  A wise old owl happy in his academic surroundings!

Getting back to those owl eyes though……recognise them from somewhere?

Crocheted owl eyes
The hat in better days

T-wit T-wool!

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