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Reading and Drawing

May 17, 2020
  •  Warning  –  feeble attempts at more sketching and, begad, a self portrait!

Hello everyone!  I really do hope you are all keeping well during these days that we now find ourselves in.  I haven’t written here since early March, which of course was not my intention, however life has spun us all some different routines, which like many of you will have meant time has been spent elsewhere.  I am pleased to say that my family and I are all well.  Now, getting back to that time spent elsewhere!

Home schooling for our two boys has provided us all with a very positive structure to the week (along with more furrows in my ever deepening brow.  Phew Maths is hard!)  However, I have been nothing but impressed with the level of support and care given to our children from their teachers, in both the Primary and Secondary schools.  In fact, daily encouraging ‘tweets’ from my youngest son’s headmaster have shown the lengths to which a teacher has gone, to put a virtual arm around each and every one of us.  I forward them frequently to friends and family afar, so his concerns and care are felt throughout the country.  It is just one of the marvellous acts of kindness that are happening right now.   And so, if it weren’t for this man’s daily messages, I would not have heard of one of the most wonderful, heart warming books around.  And here it is, The Boy, the mole, the fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy.

This book is a must for everyone

I am not going to say too much, only that this book is incredible, with sublime artwork accompanied by words of such wisdom and truth.  I will be sending this as a birthday gift to as many people as I know.  Yes, it is that good.

My boys have been reading too.  These are a couple from a 12 (nearly 13)year old…

The Hobbit and The 1000 Year Old Boy

And the other has read this one…

Liz Pichon’s Tom Gates books are so funny

And we love this one don’t we monkey…

Brilliant for all ages

So we continue to read, me mostly with my 10 year old at bedtime.  As we all know, a book for a child is in fact a book for an adult.  Especially one like me!

Art schoolwork, I have to say, has been so much fun (for me anyway!)  That’s not because I’m any good, but just because I’ve always loved dabbling, whether it be painting, sketching, drawing, pastelling.  Among the work set has been a self portrait (oh heck), whereby I believe the object of the exercise was to use different types of marking to depict shadowing and shading.  So, I agreed with my son that if he got on with his, I would do mine.  Of course, his was brilliant whereas mine, well.  I stand back and look and there appears to be more than a passing resemblance to Medusa, with her hair of snakes.  Is what lies within showing itself?  My boys would probably agree!

She could turn you to stone with one look

I have never in my life tried a self portrait (and don’t try again I hear you say), but although I found the whole process incredibly difficult, there was something so satisfying at the same time.  We are laid open bare, for all to see (head of snakes to boot).

I have also found myself sketching slightly funny moments, that you only retain within your memory, as a camera would not only be inappropriate, but quite often these moments are over within seconds.  On one of our daily walks in the woods a few weeks ago, my family and I had been allowing a pair of cyclists to pass us, as they both embarked on a very steep incline ahead.  The gentleman was in front and the lady behind, and within moments she had tumbled off her bike, disappearing into the soft undergrowth and trees to the side of the path.  The funny thing was, that in ordinary circumstances we may have rushed to her aid, however with social distancing we were all fixed to the path just observing the kerfuffle ahead.  Don’t worry, there was a lot of laughter emitted from that undergrowth and the cyclists partner came to her aid immediately.  Had this been serious we would have stepped in to offer our help, but thankfully she climbed back onto her bike, and red-faced, rode off giggling.  So here is that moment in my own sketchy style.

Sorry can’t help we’re social distancing!

On that embarrassing note, I’ll say goodbye for now and promise not to be away too long next time.  Keep looking after yourselves and everyone around you. Love Lucy.



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