Much Love from Us Lot Up North

June 20, 2018

I am very lucky.  I am the youngest of four girls and am proud to say, although naturally not mirror images of each other, we are still close.  For all our differences, there are of course many similarities.  I think us girls agree, we are all uncomfortable with confrontation.  We reflect on events and act accordingly and don’t just jump in.  There is kindness and empathy in all of us.

Gorge Walking Gals 2016

It is a rare occurrence for all four of us to be in a room together, our different lives spread out over long distances throughout the United Kingdom.  However when this does happen, let’s just say there are giggles of laughter resonating through the walls!

Since starting knitting three years ago, I have slowly been creating pieces for all of my sisters.  For me the process of hand knitting an item for somebody, whoever that may be, enables me to focus fully on that individual.  There is a constant feeling, a presence if you will, that this person is there, right by your side.  This is an unexpected phenomenon which I hadn’t prepared for when taking up this craft.  It is an almost overwhelming connection between person and creation, which inevitably keeps you going.  The art of making a gift for someone, wherever they are, undoubtedly draws you closer to that individual.  I concur with the phrase ” there is love in every stitch “.

So it is with great pleasure that after three months of steady knitting, I have finally been able to send a very belated birthday gift to my biggest sister Kate (ironically she is the little one on the far right of the photo!).  It is a shawl, well more specifically a Hap, and although it is my first, it will certainly not be my last.  I am brimming with enthusiasm about this piece.  The pattern is called A Hap for Harriet which I bought as part of a kit from Kate Davies Designs.  There is something lovely about receiving a parcel in the post don’t you think.   In this case, when it is a kit, you suddenly become armed with all the tools to go on and create something wonderful.  I ordered the needles separately, but when put all together, there’s a huge excitement brimming inside as you suppress that urge to just down tools and get cracking straight away.

Ready, set, go!

What can I say about this particular kit though?  There is the stunning Fyberspates Gleem Lace in ‘Tweed Imps’, which I previously mentioned in my post A Tall Storey in Yarn.   It is such a treat to handle, with sweeping, subtle colour changes of purples, indigos, raspberries……oh I could go on!  However, it is the pairing with a seemingly simple repeat pattern which is so clever.  After the final phase of stretching and blocking (don’t ask!)…..

Blocking with pins
Yes that is a giant dragonfly!

….you suddenly see how beautiful this hap is.  And I am so pleased with how it came out!

A hap for Kate
Simple beauty

I could now proclaim a multitude of expressions, such as  ‘Good things come to those who wait’ or perhaps ‘Patience is a virtue’.  Both will be well versed by my family when it comes to associations with little ol’ me!  However, I am of the mind that in the good old fashioned sending of a parcel in the post, with a gift for someone, we can waver any preconceptions that it should have arrived earlier.  I believe that a gift that is sent, will somehow always arrive just when it is supposed to.   One can never be disappointed, just heart-warmed.   In this case, when I had asked Kate three months ago, what she would like me to knit for her, she would not have known how poignant her answer of a shawl would be.   To me it epitomises the need for comfort, wrapping yourself up, feeling loved.  So then I’ll finish by saying, “Much love from us lot up North….. better late than never!”

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