Lovely Little People

July 24, 2020

Hello everyone!  I hope you are well.

How do we acknowledge people who’ve done great things?  Those lovely people…you know the ones.  They’re everywhere, but nowhere at the same time.  As we know it’s taken a worldwide crisis to bring some of those lovely people to the fore; so we visibly say thank you.

The events over the last few months have seen many people do lovely things for each other.  This pause, in what has been such a rushed world, has allowed us time to reflect and perhaps think about how we behave towards one another.

Our youngest son’s Primary Education came to an end last week.  Even during ‘normal’ circumstances this could have been an emotional time (cold fish included!  C’est moi??)  However, it transpired that his teacher; his Headteacher; the school staff as a whole, made these last few months even more memorable.  Although the school closed (for many), a Headteacher opened himself up to a whole community.  Providing a daily inspiring, positive message of hope, he used social media in the proper way, and his virtual arm was put around this community and beyond.

In addition, this unusual time of school closure provided us as parents and guardians with a unique ‘fly on the wall’ experience.  We were able to see how a class teacher really communicates with each child.  We were a privileged few.  Engaging, encouraging and caring for them all through video ‘meets’ and daily emails.  His intervention has been outstanding to say the least.  So by the time June 8th 2020 arrived and that one and only year group was able to return to school, we felt we’d gotten to know these teachers very well, as the lovely people they are.  In turn, there was never any doubt or worry about sending our boy back into the classroom for, as his teacher put it, ‘the Last Hurrah’.

So how does a quirky and a bit woolly person like me say thank you??  Well, of course with something quirky and a bit woolly!  I decided to knit those lovely people, as lovely little people. Clearly, all superheroes are made into dolls aren’t they?  And here they are.

The Headteacher, with his swish of grey hair and spectacles

Headteacher extraordinaire

And my son’s unforgettable class teacher

An inspirational teacher

Some of the processes which were involved…

Heading in the right direction
Almost complete
This one’s armless






For all the other teachers and teaching assistants involved, I knitted these rainbows as a keepsake.

Rainbow of hope

I knitted for them and me to remember this truly unforgettable time we were living in.  Rainbows have symbolised hope and positivity, and these people represented that.  Amanda Berry’s free Rainbow pattern is available through Lovecrafts and Ravelry.

Equals rainbow

Only fitting that these two carry a rainbow each.

Superhero teachers

I used a Squibbly Bups Woolly Man pattern to knit the basic doll and personalised them individually with embroidery and just a bit of improvisation!

Surrounded by Rainbows

Feeling very woolly and very emotional!  Take care all.



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