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Jingling into 2020

January 2, 2020

Hello all and Happy New Year!  Here we are at the beginning of another year, and another Christmas has come and gone.  Whoosh!!  I can hardly believe November and December were wily enough to tip-toe right under my nose without me noticing.  Hence, two months since I was here. Sheesh!

Ours was a quiet, lovely Christmas.  Turkey was a success for a second year in a row, which is good going for us.  But of course this festive time of year couldn’t go by without a knit of some description and my needles finally emerged between Christmas and New Year.  Once again, I have gone all novelty and toy-based (starting to make a habit of all this frivolity!)

This is Jingles the Elf!

Getting stuffed….well it is Christmas

This snoozy little fella is from a free pattern by Amanda Berry called Jingles the Elf.  A straightforward pattern to follow, I was able to use up some of my wool stash which resulted in him costing nothing!  Bonus! I didn’t have beads for his eyes, but did have some black wool handy to embroider some on instead.  And so, it was at this point I decided I’d make him sleepy. I mean, with all that festivity and burning the candle at both ends, it’s no wonder he can’t keep his eyes open!  Now I know this guy is no elf on the shelf, but I have to say he has moved about a bit in similar fashion…..

Contemplating life from the arm of a chair

Fainting at the sight of the local wildlife…..

I’m used to Polar Bears not Grizzly’s

He even accompanied us on a New Year’s Eve outing.

The big wide world

To be precise The Moors National Park Centre near Danby, North Yorkshire.  This is an old haunt for us, from when the children were very little and having been lucky enough to have lived nearby.

The Moors Centre

It is a wonderful place for everyone, especially those with small children.  Whether you’re taken in by the magical Crow Wood with its scattering of fairy houses…..

Even big boys love ’em

and Wishing Tree…..

The Wishing Tree
Make a wish!

The ability to run freely

Space to run

and revisit places from our past.

Never too old

Or maybe it’s just being captivated by the sheer beauty of a setting like this in the middle of the North Yorkshire Moors.

Beautiful Yorkshire

I’d challenge anyone not to love this place.

Winter sun

It would seem all that fresh, cold air tired someone else out too!!!


Wishing everyone good health and happiness for the year ahead.

Christmas and New Year take their toll


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