It’s On its Way

April 26, 2019

“It’s on its way!”  A phrase that has become synonymous with me throughout my life.  This is quite simply because I have never been all that good at getting presents and cards to people on time.  “It’s on its way”, I say sheepishly, as yet another birthday or Christmas goes by.  Let’s take Mother’s Day for example.  I realise it’s a little bit yesterday’s news, but as usual gifts and cards were sent a little later than planned.  In fact as my own Mum knows, her intended gift has only just come off the needles and will be on route to her this week.  I am a believer though that gifts do not necessarily need to arrive at a specific time and date.  It’s a great mantra isn’t it (and hopefully gets me off the hook!)

This year I really wanted to knit something for both mine and Colin’s mum.  Something useful, wearable and which hopefully doesn’t get thrown to the back of the cupboard.  So, I decided to plump for shawls.

To me shawls appear to have made a real resurgence in popularity in recent years.  However, that is probably my ignorance talking because, until now I have never really been a shawl sort of person.  It is only since starting knitting that I have really noticed them.   These days I am in total awe of some of the patterns, with their multitude of colour combinations and different shapes.  Some are true works of art in their own right.

I found two free patterns, neither of which were too complicated, but still had enough detail to make them interesting and individual. The first is the Oaklet Shawl by Megan Goodacre of Tricksy Knitter and is just one of many beautiful free patterns to be found here.

The Oaklet Shawl

I used Drops Alpaca in the colour ‘Petrol Mix’.  What a pretty little shawl it turned out to be and I was so happy with how both the yarn and colour complimented the pattern.

Pretty lace detail

This one was for Scottish Mum!! (not only is she Scottish but lives in Scotland too!!) It arrived 3 days after Mother’s Day, so actually not too far off the deadline!

Nearly on time

I’m getting close aren’t I!!! Maybe one day something will actually arrive on time.

The second was another triangular shawl called Skoosh by Amanda Clark.

Simple and effective pattern

Here I used a lovely baby alpaca yarn by Zarela in ‘dusky pink’ and was most taken with those garter stitch ridges that run evenly throughout.

Garter stitch ridges

This one was for Welsh Mum!  Welsh Mum lives in Cardiff and our visit down there over Easter, led me to discover that knitting in the car doesn’t actually make me carsick!!

Some sleep whilst others knit

What a revelation!  I knitted for pretty much the full 5 and a quarter hours and was amazed at not only how fast the time went, but how blooming good I felt.

It’s coming Mum!

Unfortunately, this one still wasn’t completed (sigh) until our return back North.  But don’t worry Mum!!  It’s on its way!!


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  1. Love them. I love the Drops Alpaca yarn, the colour is divine. I love to make large items like this, I usually do blankets, but do do shawls from time to time. I never really have anyone to give them to, so I just make them and put them away, On saying that I did make a large circular blanket for my mother-in-law, who after saying how much she loved it, put it in the cupboard a few months later LOL. I can for give her as she is in a nursing home that has a running temperature close to the equator. Are the yarns sports weight or lighter?

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