Invasion of Tanks

March 7, 2021

Good afternoon everyone, I hope the approaching change in seasons is filling you with a much needed boost of happiness.  It’s still pretty cold in these parts though, so not quite time to put away our woollies just yet.  Have you any particular favourites?

I love tank tops. I hasten to add I’m calling them tank tops because that was what I was brought up knowing them by (thank you Mum!).  Now, I know they may be known under other titles, like the slipover or sleeveless sweater, but for me they will always be tank tops! I think it was the first piece of knitting I did for each of my little boys.  My eldest particularly loved his and it really was worn to death. Of course, both of these little tank tops remain tucked away, as keepsakes and reminders of that period of time.  Our memories very much wrapped up in every strand of wool.

I’m back in the room!!  Anyway, I have had a few requests over the years to knit said item, which leads me to the conclusion that they are a most useful, warm piece of clothing. They keep that core of ours toasty, whilst allowing free movement of our upper limbs without restriction.

Since September of 2020, there has been a steady invasion of tanks making their way from my needles to various members of the family.  But, as with many a knitting escapade, this was a journey of much trial and error.  For example, I unfortunately ran out of wool towards the end of this particular one…

Oops…too short

Was there nobody this tank would fit?

Too tight across me shoulders mate

It would seem not.  But I loved the colours anyway.

However, I continued on and using a vintage Paton’s pattern as a general guide, coupled with some measurement taking, Mum got hers first. This was made using Drops Big Delight, an aran weight yarn with twists of varying colours, which produces a pretty self patterning fabric.

Drops Big Delight
Lovely colours

100% wool, soft and naturally warm.

She rocks it doesn’t she!

Tank 2 was for the baby of the family, my niece’s 2 and a half year old little boy. This was a revisit to the original Sirdar pattern that I knitted for my own children about 5 years ago , but this time using Drops Nepal.

T ‘s Tank


Little Tank

And Tank 3, just completed a few weeks ago, which went to my sister Sarah.  I started dabbling with this one and decided to try using two colours for the borders.  My first time holding one colour in the left hand and the other in the right.

Mount Grace and Alum Beck

Just a 1×1 rib of knit and purl, alternating the colour as I went, I was very pleased with the pretty little effect this had.

A pretty little Border…Leicester

This tank was made with one of my very favourite yarns, Doulton Border Leicester.  I used the DK wool, 2 skeins of Mount Grace and 1 in Alum Beck.  I have mentioned this yarn before in my post Sheep to Skein and could swoon over it ’til the cows come home. With all the right ethics which go into its production, I do believe the aura of any items made from it will radiate a halo of positivity and goodness.

Sarah’s Tank



Ready to go

And always so relieved, and just a bit surprised, when something fits…

Ta da

Until next time, I hope you all find some time to get stuck into your own projects too, and are finding your own happy distractions, whatever they may be.

Take care.









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