In the Pink (and Purple)

June 13, 2020

Hi everyone, I hope you are all keeping well.

Last year saw several friends of mine celebrating a kind of milestone birthday.  You know the one, that ends in a zero, and starts with the number 5!  I made reference to the fact that I was knitting some shawls for two very special friends of mine in my post The Influence of Nature.  One was pink and the other a purple(ish) shade (the shawls not the friends!!).  As we know getting together isn’t always easy, even at the best of times.  We lead busy lives and in our case also live several hours from each other, so our meetings are few and far between.

So, it wasn’t until early March of this year, literally days before all the restrictions of the pandemic came into effect, that I was able to hand over the first.  It was a long awaited and very special catch up for us, and was extremely poignant in view of the subsequent events which followed.  As fate would have it, my other pal was unable to meet with us that day, and would have to wait just a few months longer before I was able to send it.  But send it I did just two days ago.  Although our plan had always been to see each other face to face, where I could physically hand the shawl over to her, that reunion of course has had to remain on hold…for now.   Far more important she enjoys wearing it in this present, rather than sometime in the future.

The first was a pattern by Andrea Mowry called Ara Shawl.

Lovely drape

I knitted it in this Studio Linen yarn by Erika Knight in the shade velvet.

Studio linen by Erika Knight

It is such a beautiful pattern, and I know I’ll be knitting another for sure, as I just love it.  The pattern has lovely eyelets running throughout, with a gently flowing old lace edging.

The Ara shawl

The second was a free pattern by Emily Wood called Charmayne Shawl.

Asymmetric Charmayne Shawl

I loved the vibrancy of the Raspberry Pink in Sirdar Snuggly DK cotton, so soft and gentle in texture, yet so bright, bold and positive in colour. Indeed, it’s a description that perfectly matches the person who now owns it.

I am never quite sure how to wear a shawl but hopefully this gives you an idea of how it turned out.

Is this how you wear it?

It definitely contrasts well with black…

Black and pink go well

Take care all.




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