Fluffy White Clouds in the Sky

June 11, 2018

I wanted to share a quick knit with you, which I completed at the weekend.  Although I am still in the process of finishing my Hap for Harriet, as mentioned in my previous post,  I was at a bit of a loss when I ran out of wool last week.  So whilst awaiting the arrival of a new skein for that one,  I found myself having a conversation with my Photographer friend Katie of The Picture Patch Ltd She was looking to add a few baby shawls and bonnets to her collection of props which she uses when photographing new babies.  I have previously knitted a few items for Katie, and she already had in mind the kind of knitted items she wanted.  So I sent her to get the yarn and she came back with this!

What can I say? Gorgeous!

I had the patterns at the ready so was set to go.  Armed with some size 9mm (13US) needles I was off, and proceeded to knit the Easy Knit Lacy Baby Wrap by Posh Patterns.   There are beautiful patterns to be found here for sure, so it is definitely worth taking a peep. This is a simple but effective repeat pattern which once again I managed to misread!!  Thankfully you can’t really tell when looking at it.  This is probably because I was at least consistent with my mistake throughout, continuing to add that extra knit row which was not required!!  Such a beautiful colour yarn, it was as though I was knitting through blue sky, with interruptions of white clouds floating through.  Drops Kid-Silk long print, is a mix of 75% Mohair and 25% Silk.  Oh so soft for baby!  As you can also see my companion nicely shows how well this colour goes with chocolate!

Goes well with Chocolate

Although my friend doesn’t look so sure…..

Not sure if it matches my eyes

Ok, so this ball of yarn goes a long way, I had loads remaining, so continued with a bonnet also by Posh Patterns, called  Mohair Lace Bonnet.  So relaxing to knit, and didn’t take long to complete.  I cannot help but feel a sense of contentment when knitting items for babies, in fact there’s always a smile on my face when the end product is finally seen.  Definitely a feel good knit.


Fluffy blue bonnet

And still yarn leftover…….what next?

Yarn goes a long way



I’ll tell you what next, I will endeavour to finish my Hap!

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