December 10, 2020

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. Seeing as we, like many others, will not be able to see the people we are close to this Christmas, I think more than ever I’ve felt the need to send out some woolly cuddles in the post. It has been well over a year in our case, since we have made the 300 mile journey from our home in the North East of England to see family and friends in Wales.  A long time…for sure.  But looking on the bright side, you know it’s going to be one heck of a reunion when eventually we all see each other again… whenever that may be. Hopefully in 2021 if we’re lucky!!

In Wales we have a word known as ‘cwtch’.  It means to hug, snuggle, cuddle in towards someone.  ‘Come and have a cwtch’ is a familiar phrase in Welsh families.  And so it was with me growing up in Cardiff.  Consequently, my two English born boys are fully aware of the ‘cwtch’, having been educated in the activity from birth!!

About a year ago, I knitted three very thick blankets using Wool and the Gang’s Crazy Sexy Wool At the time, I had been lucky enough to buy a range of different colours (very cheaply) from my local yarn shop, as the owner was no longer going to be restocking the range.  I gave 2 of these blankets away, one in the lovely Margaux Red and the other in the very beautiful Midnight Blue…

Ravishing Rib in Margaux Red
Gorgeous Garter in Midnight Blue

Both recipients were certainly in need of a cwtch at the time.

However, one blanket remained, as I had always meant to finish it off with some tassels. Therefore it was popped away, and hidden until I got around to it.

Fast forward one year, this powdery pink blanket re-emerged, yawning from its slumbery hibernation, and begged me to finish the job!  So I did.

Finishing touches

I had run out of the wool, so a small mitten was sacrificed to complete what had been started all those months ago.

The sacrificial mitt

No pattern required for any of these blankets though.  Simple garter, rib and stocking stitch for each. For the pink blanket, size 20mm needles and approximately 3 balls of Wool and the Gang’s Crazy Sexy Wool in Cameo Rose.

So cosy

It is 100% Wool, very soft and a most definitely cosy thing indeed.  I can’t quite remember how many stitches I had cast on (wrote it down but subsequently lost that scrap of paper!)  It measured 75cm x115cm however, and with enough bounce and stretch to really be something to ‘cwtch’ up in.

Simply stockinette

Consequently I decided to call this blanket ‘Y Cwtch’ ( The Cwtch) and have now sent it to my very good pal in Cardiff. But not before it was given the seal of approval…

It’s mine








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