The Lumpford Files

Autumn Days

September 18, 2020

Extract from Mr Lumpfords notebook:

I am feeling the fast approach of Autumn days.  Smokey, chilled air which freshens my senses and helps cool my hot body.  It is a welcome from those hot, summer sizzlers I cannot deny, where my triple layer of coverage reduces me to a shallow pant.

The pack disperses temporarily once more, and new uniforms a piece for each pup, signal new chapters. They are maturing, becoming independent.  I find comfort on their return though, where chatter and giggles surround me once more.

Our trundles continue during each evening. Golden fields now harvested and ploughed leaving no succulent green shoots to tickle my taste buds.No worries. Green splendour will return in Spring and I will feast again.

It is important to take time.  Sniff every blade, slowly meander, wallow in stream and revive.  No hurry for me.  Fret not though, sudden burst of speed when least expected.

Here at home, I am in this spot.

My spot

My spot, where rays of low sunshine bathe weary bones and gently warm, soothe and restore mobility.  Nowhere would I rather be, than within this beautiful present.

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  1. Mr Lumpford is looking good. Lovely prose, too, Jim. He’s quite eloquent under that cwchy cuddly exterior, isn’t he! Love to all and the pups.

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