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Along Came a Spider or Few Hundred

July 13, 2019

A couple of months ago my children discovered something amazing in our own back garden.  Baby spiders.

Suspended like magic

They were all in a cluster and suspended just above our table outside.

Now although I love spiders, I am anything but an expert in identification or any general knowledge for that matter.

All I knew was we were fascinated.  All of us.  And each day we would go to check on them, watch them, and wonder just how long we’d be privy to their daily movements.

A mass of gold and black

It turned out not long at all.  Just a matter of days really, but a spectacle we were enthralled with.   A beautiful thing.

We discovered they were baby Garden Spiders.  Spiderlings to be precise.


Until now, a word I had only heard in fleeting, from the ‘gaming’ world where Skylanders reside (along with my boys!) or of course a well known superhero.  Who knew it was a real word!!   As I said, not an expert!

As the days went by, they gradually split from the safety of the group and made their individual webs all in close proximity to each other.  And some a little further afield!

This coat will do

Independent and finding their own way in the world.  Until, one day…..they had disappeared from sight.   Gone?    Well I don’t think so, but I suspect deep undercover nonetheless.

Not this one though!!



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  1. Some great photography of the spiders 🕷 I wasn’t a fan until last year I spotted a spider holding onto a web thread on my wing mirror whilst I traveled down the A19 . He lived behind my wing mirror all summer, and usually popped out at some point on my journey to work . I missed his company when he disappeared one day . Just this week however I spotted a new friend living in the same wing mirror ….

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