Welcome to my blog

About Me

Hi there and thanks for dropping in!  My name is Lucy and that’s me there in the big blue jumper alongside my loyal companion ‘The Lump’ (actual name Rolo).  We’re sat there in one of my favourite places overlooking Roseberry Topping, North Yorkshire.  I’m lucky enough to call this place ‘my patch’ as I live in Guisborough, a small town which nestles alongside this beautiful spot.  I’m a mum to two young boys and wife to a bigger one, and when I’m left to my own devices you’ll find me mostly knitting and walking!

feeling woolly…..I certainly am

This is a little blog where I hope to share my experiences in:

  • starting something new
  • stepping out of comfort zones
  • getting creative
  • challenging our mind and body
  • really loving the little things

And yes really feeling woolly as my head is mostly filled with all things wool.  But also, because of those woolly thoughts about leaving the safe cocoon of homelife and regaining confidence in oneself.