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October 22, 2019

The need for fun.  Something to make us smile.  The ability to take away needless worry about little things that don’t matter.  And, juxtaposed to this, helping to make the seriousness of life threatening realities, just disappear for a brief moment.

Knitting has become an outlet for me which addresses both of these scenarios.  I have found that in whichever end of the spectrum, I have used this craft as a way to make people (including myself) feel better.  From the joy of a happy birthday knit, to the wrap you up blanket which symbolises love, keeping warm and feeling safe and sound, when you may feel anything but.

It has become apparent to me then, that during times of significance, I seem to always be reaching for my needles. From the celebratory highs to those moments of fear and despair,  it is my way of holding someone’s hand when they need it.  A physical way to make things better…..even if it is brief.   My connection to whatever I make then, is heartfelt, passed on to whomever it is intended.  I have given some of myself you could say.

Therefore, without further ado let me introduce Ted Bear.

Nice to meet you!

I saw him just the other day in a free pattern by Jem Weston.  Although never usually drawn to knitting teddies or toys (this is a first ted for me), I really just wanted to have a go.  Maybe it was something about his face.  It made me smile.


I even went further and made him a jumper…..

Me in mustard

… turned out a little bigger than the one in Jem’s pattern, but I think he rocks the oversized look don’t you think.

This guy wasn’t intended as a gift, in fact there was no rhyme or reason for making him at all.  But he made me feel good.

Big jumpers and hearty stews on cold days

So, I sent a picture of this little face to one or two , hoping he’d bring a smile to them too.  Then realised, maybe a few more may benefit from this endearing face…..

Spread a little smile

…..and so here we are!!

I suppose that the long and the short of this post though, is that knitting or creating of any kind won’t solve all our problems. Or take fears away.  Or even put things right.  But, they may be the fulfilling distractions which enable us to ride out the storm. They lend support and can provide the thoughtful kind gestures, which make people feel a little less alone and just a bit better.

Take a bow Ted…. you’re worth it!

I “Hank” you very much!

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