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A Message from MI6

February 5, 2019

So an interesting thing happened to me the other day which I’d like to share with you.  I received a covert request from MI6 of all places.  Yes indeed, gasp you may, when you realise that their Head of Services required a jumper knitting.  Can you believe it?  I mean, I couldn’t.  And the manner in which I received that request was even more bizarre, so much so I have been sworn to secrecy not to divulge any further.  Actually, the truth is the shivering gave it away!  All that being said, I am pleased to say that I have been granted full permission to show and share the finished article.  And ‘M’ herself was determined to model!

So, meet ‘M’ (public name Macey).

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

As you can see, she is in truth a petite little missy of the canine variety.  But a tough cookie to boot, hence why she is perfect as head honcho for the British Secret Service.  I meet ‘M’ and her bodyguard Katie (those in high places all need bodyguards) on a daily basis.  We chat (a lot), that is the bodyguard and me, and so the poor ‘M’ is subject to much standing around in one spot.  Granted, this would be considered not too bad on a summer’s day.  However, not the case in the depths of winter, where temperatures are plummeting, making all that hanging around the ultimate endurance test.  Double O No!!  So, those big brown eyes just pleaded with me to put an end to the freezer treatment (‘M’s that is, not the bodyguard’s).  Brrr!

I was lucky enough to have in my possession these two beautiful yarns.

Pure luxury

A 100% pure baby Alpaca Aran by Zarela in Dusky Pink, and Drops Kid-Silk in Dark Rose.  So I combined the two, and using size 7mm (UK) circular needles all that was needed was a great free pattern.  I found it on the Love Knitting website on their blog, Knit with Alice: The Juno Jumper.  For a start, Juno looks so adorable in her jumper, but being a Jack Russell too, I certainly hoped ‘M’ would approve.

So, I set about knitting my first doggy jumper, hoping and praying that it would eventually fit such an important client.  I have to say now, I do realise I should have been taking proper measurements of ‘M’ to get the best fit and all.  Hoping and praying rarely gets results.  But I didn’t measure because I was so unbelievably excited to just get on and follow the pattern.  I winged it.  Hoped for the best!  And remarkably, I think I just about got away with it.

Will it fit?

So here she is, the marvellous Miss Macey (‘M’ or Boss to her undercover pals) in her new luxurious jumper.

Kind of fits
Looking good M’am
No double chin here

Unusual for the Head of the Secret Service to be flaunting themselves in front of the camera don’t you think.  Not exactly camouflaged in her dusky rose pink.  However, she probably felt ever so comfortable knowing her bodyguard (and real life guardian) was the one behind the camera getting these amazing shots.  All photographs of Macey are used here by kind permission of Katie from The Picture Patch Ltd.  Feeling woofy.



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  1. She looks very pleased with her jumper! I keep saying I will make jumpers for our dogs (Staffordshire Bull Terrier and English Springer Spaniel), but the Springer does not need a jumper in any weather, even here in the north, and the Staffy has her winter quilted tweed jacket (the Springer has a matching one). I may make one, one day!!

    1. Oh thank you she does wear it well doesn’t she. It was fun to make! I don’t think our Labrador will ever be a candidate for a woolly jumper so this was my perfect excuse!

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