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A Great Start

April 1, 2019

What better way to start a new day.  I am sitting here with a cup of tea, a crumpet soaked in butter and some knitting.  All this whilst listening to Classic FM on the radio, which is now playing A German Requiem by Johannes Brahms.  The music has actually moved me so much that I am welling up; gulping to suppress an outpouring and taking deep breaths to avoid a flood.  Explanation for such emotion not required, I could and will blame it on the moon for now.  A glorious, hypnotic supermoon, which captures our gaze and puts us all under.    Our friend Jim Lumpford is near the action as usual.  He tells me the supermoon happened a good week ago.  “Oh!” I remark.  I am still blaming the moon.  Jim curls himself up and begins snoring.  This is nice.

As this piece draws to an end, along with my crumpet and four rows of stocking stitch, the unmistakable tones of Ravel’s Bolero take to the airwaves.  Like so many who hear it, I too am transported back to the winter Olympics of 1984, Sarajevo, where Jayne and Christopher performed magic in their ice dancing routine.  Goosebumps rise up, prickling my skin and sending shivers throughout me, rousing emotions and really taking me on a journey.  Oh dear!  There I am day dreaming again (as mentioned in my first post, I am renowned for it!)

The trouble is, that time is not on our side this morning.  Definitely not for all this listening to music and drifting off into fantasy land.  You see I am meeting friends at 10am for a dog walk, and Ravel’s Bolero is long.  A whole 15 minutes long I believe.  The music is building, as I sense the urgency of getting ready.  12 minutes approximately until I should be at our meeting point.  But I’m still not moving, rooted to my seat as the music gently continues.  I do not want to leave before the end.  I am still in my slipper socks and leggings…..must get ready.  This attire certainly not appropriate for a chilly, woodland walk.

Oh no!  The melody continues, whilst the pair skate on.  My legs quiver with tingling emotion, which runs through my blood like an icy, cold stream.  8 minutes.  Oh dear I am not ready at all and incredibly seem unable to budge from my spot.  Jim has now uncurled and is in this position, looking in no hurry either.


Ok, I am going to go.  On the count of three…, two, three.  No.  Possibly?  Any minute now.  The music goes up a key, the ending, it is coming…..ah then the climax and it’s all over.  Quick woman, 4 minutes to throw off the slipper socks and pull on those walking ones.  Trousers?  Where are they?  A mad dash ensues, grabbing elusive trousers, walking shoes, lead and collar.  Not to mention that series of household checks, ensuring all appliances are in fact off.  Twice!

It’s 10.02.  Out the door, hot footing it up the road.  I see my pals waiting and am late!  10.04 (ish) I am there.  “Sorry!” I pant out.  We all set off and I stay quiet, stifling the frenzy of the previous 2 minutes.  “Har,” I sigh.  A kickstart of musical magic has set me up for the day.  “Come on girls,” I say, and stride out.  A great start for sure.

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