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The Chronicles of a Dropped Stitch

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Dropped Stitches and Picking Yourself Up


Starting this blog for me, has been a process all being told, I had been tentatively pondering over about 4 or 5 years ago, when both my children had started school (yes I do take my time!)  Two years prior to that,  my husband had supported my (overwhelmingly) difficult decision to leave my career as a Physiotherapist.  “You must be mad”, some would have thought (there is a truth there!)  However, the reality is we all have our struggles and that whole work/life balance chestnut had certainly been roasting at the forefront of my mind.

you must be mad


I also think that I was perhaps yearning for a creative outlet.  Although some may not realise, I have always been drawn to creativity in some form or other.  As a child I loved drawing, art, and calligraphy, finding myself being able to totally “zone out” in whatever thing I was doing.  I am a day dreamer (ah I now realise where my youngest son gets it from!  My apologies to his teachers, it’s my fault!)  It is good to dream though isn’t it.  In my opinion, there is no hope without dreams.

Imperceptibly, there comes that age where children almost surprisingly become a tiny bit more independent.  Even more surprisingly one realises “I have time”.  Just the teeniest amount of time.  But time.  And so it was with me.

my virtual granny


My foray with knitting began around two and a half years ago.  Learning from scratch, with my ‘virtual granny’ who goes by the name of YouTube!  Such a marvellous tool for teaching us just about anything. So stitch by stitch I learned.  I am no designer (far from it!), however I absolutely love the challenge of a new pattern.  Like a puzzle to decipher, you use your brain (yes even I possess one). The feeling of having created something from a set of alien symbols, charts and strange language is so completely satisfying.  Take that Bletchley Park!

And then this funny old blogging how-do-you-do!  Firstly, I want to say a huge thank you to the wonderful Amelia from Rosetinted Pics for helping me create this blog.  Without her tech savvy abilities, I wouldn’t have been able to do this.  Just check out her beautiful blog and you’ll see for yourself.  Truthfully, in doing this I am as far removed from my comfort zone as one could possibly imagine.  It means sharing oneself for starters – scary! In spite of this I still feel an incredible draw.  To positively show that for all the mistakes and dropped stitches, we can overcome them and create something beautiful, unique and special.  I hope that by sharing some of my journeys, whether that be in knitting or other, it will inspire others, to do something new and to feel good about ourselves.  And so the Chronicles of a Dropped Stitch begin……