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Month: August 2018

Chief WIP

A newbie knitter like me has been enlightened learning a new knitting language all of its own.  It really feels like decoding secrets and for me is all part of the fun.  Part of the challenge is figuring out what all the symbols/abbreviations mean.  Then, satisfyingly putting them into practice in the most hands on of ways.

For quite some time, I pondered over one such abbreviation however.  Unlike those on a pattern, which always have a key to interpret, this one didn’t appear to have any explanation, but appeared like a familiar friend in conversational speak (websites, blogs and even face to face chatter).  It was you could say “the lingo“,  and I felt like an outsider not party to that conversation.  Dont worry I don’t take offence easily, in fact I was ever determined, to suss out its meaning!

Ok, the seasoned ‘makers’ out there may have already guessed I am actually referring to the term “WIP”. Actual translation: “Work in Progress”.  Aah what a devil you were, because for such a while your identity illuded me.  What could you have been? Wellies in Porch? Wild in Peru? Wool is Pants? (heavens couldn’t be!) What is Point? Or maybe Wandering in Purgatory (yes I was!)

To top it off I can’t even remember how I finally figured it out.  Oh who am I kidding, of course it was Google!

Anyway, I have many WIPs (that’s Works in Progress!) as you can see.

some knitting!

and also…..

The ironing pile!

However, I have elected my Chief WIP (ironically I have never been exactly sure who or what that is either- sorry!)  My Chief WIP, is this absolutely marvellous Pop Life Cardigan by Wool and the Gang.

My lovely new kit

My Chief WIP

It’s the first time I’ve tackled a cardigan, and am truly loving the whole process.  It is another sister knit, this time for Em, who with her impeccable good taste chose this, and asked me to make it for her.  I will elaborate more once it is completed, as this is one company I really love.

Until then, hope you enjoy these last few days of summer!

Misty Eyed Moments

Summer holidays, or holidays at any time of year for that matter, will always revolve around connections with our family who live far and wide.  In our case that family resides from one end of Britain to the other.  On a day to day, week to week and month to month level, our small family unit (that is me, my husband Colin, our two boys, a dog and cat!), will not see cousins, sisters, brothers, parents or grandparents.  We all live just too far apart for that you see.

So that is why it is important for us to make these special journeys.  Indeed they are extra special.  I actually think our little boys are very lucky indeed.  With their grandmother in Edinburgh and their other grandparents in Cardiff, how fortunate to be able to experience the rich cultures of two beautiful regions.

This time round has been particularly poignant for Colin and I.  I have such fond memories of my own childhood holidays (always sunny of course!)  I remember vividly trips to the beach at Wiseman’s Bridge, Pembrokeshire.  Here I would spend entire days fixated by rockpools, coaxing illusive Blennies from their dark homes deep within the crevices of barnacled rocks.

Wiseman Bridge rockpooling

Me looking for Blennies circa 1980

Then there was swimming in freshwater pools under waterfalls at Blaen-y-Glyn in the mountains near Talybont reservoir,  tucked away in the Brecon Beacons most hidden places.


1970’s wild swimming!

Of course there are also those memories of a more palatable nature….

….like fried tomatoes on toast!

My Dad’s supper speciality…yummy

However, this time our Welsh trip down memory lane, took us to another special place.  A visit to Kenfig Nature Reserve, near Bridgend.  It was a regular day out for us as kids, and now here I was 30 or so years later.  Pulling up into the car park, its quiet beauty brought memories trickling back (I say trickling as it really has been a long time!)  Starting our walk we passed bird hides which nestle alongside the freshwater of Kenfig pool.  You are truly spoilt for choice by the abundance of flora and fauna of the place.  The real adventure though was and always has been the 1 mile walk (you heard me!) across sand dunes, eventually leading to the real jewel that is Sker Beach.

And it was just as I remembered…..

The walk is worth it

….isolated perfection!

Just us and a fisherman!

…..and they all loved it!

Having a splash

Warm Welsh Water!

Then it was time to head North, to Scotland’s fair capital for quality Gran time.  Colin’s turn now, where he was able to share equally fond memories of his childhood trips to North Berwick and the cluster of incredible beaches which dot this coastline.  For him, Yellowcraig Beach was calling…..

My word!  Oh how it took my breath away!

Almost tropical

Here too, mere handfuls of people,  allowing you space and time…..

to reflect…..

Taking it all in


Beach capers

and even capture a rare picture of this pair!

Mr and Mrs

Throughout it all, this lad was smiling again.

Am loving this!

And so our eyes go misty as we remember favourite places, people, experiences of our past.  Long live the simple pleasures I say!  I do believe they create the best memories.  What is more, those simple pleasures are often there on our own doorsteps, right under our own noses.  What are yours?  I bet there’s some crackers and I’d love to hear.

Deary me, feeling terribly, terribly woolly again!