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Month: July 2018

Thank yous with Novelty Knits

We’ve reached that time again when our children have completed another year at school and all are ready for that 6 week summer holiday.  For our two boys, it also marks the end of their time with each of their teachers, as they individually move upwards into their next classes, and for one in particular a new school.  So of course what better way to say some ”thank yous” than to get the knitting needles out and find some fantastic free patterns to whip up a gift!

With not a great deal of time left before the end of term, something small(ish) and easy was required…..and I had the urge to do novelty!  I suppose after spending the last few months being committed to completing a serious shawl (by the way I didn’t have a serious face on during that time, I loved every minute of it!),  it is lovely to do something completely different and light hearted which makes you smile.  Not to mention (groan, here she goes again!) my “Knitter’s Hand” which in truth is still not quite fully recovered, so I didn’t want to overdo it!  So this is what I chose.


Owl bookmarks on some nicely staged books


….and a Mug Cozy!

Keeping the cuppa warm!

I used whatever so called scrap yarn (I love the term ‘scrap’, because it is anything but!) that I had.  The pattern I used for the bookmarks by Aldersign Design, is called Owly Bookmark which I originally obtained through the Love Knitting website.

Owly Bookmark

You can pick up some fantastic free patterns here, along with tools, yarn and general advice.  This was a great quick, effective knit and they looked so pretty as a gift.

Then came the mug cozy pattern which I just fell in love with.  This Simple Sweater Mug Cozy by Lily Sugar’n Cream was also free and very easy to follow (even for me).  This being a gift for a male, I did go out to search out for some old fashioned buttons, the kind that you may find on an old Aran sweater.  I was so pleased when I found these!  I think they make it feel a little more masculine don’t you think!  But oh so cute!  Oh don’t you love a novelty knit.

Love these buttons

So happy holidays to all those lucky enough to have some, and to those who don’t, maybe you’ll be lucky to get away when the summer rush is over, and quieter times ensue!


Jim Lumpford Returns

It has been a while.  There’s been a noticeable absence of a certain fellow.  Where has he been?  I am talking of course about our very own master of disguise Jim Lumpford.  That debonair chap who just happens to possess some similarities with a chocolate Labrador.  Well I can tell you he’s been mighty busy…..

I’ve been busy folks

During the warm weather we’ve been having over the last month, I feel that Jim has been drawn to certain places in the outdoors, which tend to ease the burden of that thick brown coat of his.  Between you and me he also has a penchant for eating wild vegetation, and if you look carefully here, he’s busy trying to pretend he is Farmer Giles so as not to get caught eating the produce!

Where is he?

Oh there he be!

Farmer Giles Lumpford

To seek out water in any of its forms.  He is like a man possessed and there is a gathering of speed in those shuffling legs, as the smell of H2O wafts through the air.  Oh and when he finds it there is a sigh of bliss…

Aah this is nice

Then a wallow


Then unbelievably signs that wallowing isn’t enough…..”I’m drifting, drifting” he thinks, until he drifts into a momentary snooze.

So good I just have to close my eyes for a bit

He does of course eventually crawl out of the clay sodden, mud pool he has so loved, proceeding head to tail shake.

The inevitable

As if that weren’t suffice to quench his thirst for the wet stuff, he continues onward through wooded dell, to happen upon a lagoon of not blue, but more brown.  Here he emerges as yet another creature…..yes….

The Creature of the Brown Lagoon

…..and in time the creature shows itself

Oh boy I feel good

Of course home eventually beckons and he resurfaces back on our doorstep to tell us of his tales, adventures, his life of incognito.  He then drifts again toward sleep, whilst still keeping an eye out for his nemesis….

I’m watching you missus

Before falling fast asleep!

Sorry I’ve gone

Until next time y’all!

Help I’ve got “Knitter’s Hand”!!

I have been knitting constantly.  Passionately.  Lovingly.  Obsessively?…….for months and months.  However my body is telling me to slow down.  Through my own self diagnosis I have developed what I like to call “Knitter’s Hand”.  Now firstly, I will point out, that as far as I am aware there is no such condition in the text books.  No no, it is a name I have attributed myself, to what is I am quite certain a common physical complaint which may develop after knitting too much!  I have not required a doctor to tell me this!  Indeed it is not so serious I need a doctor at all.  Just diversional therapy!

For me it has affected my left hand, but more specifically the muscles controlling my thumb.  Highly likely it is a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) brought on over the last few months whilst completing my last large knitting project.  If analysing this more deeply (sorry once a Physiotherapist always a Physiotherapist!!) I would say the muscle overuse has been due to holding teeny, tiny needles whilst repeatedly pushing the stitch from left needle to right needle with my overworked thumb.  When you are a ‘Righty’ like me – an expression here by which I mean right handed (not someone who just happens to believe they are right about everything!), you begin to realise just how much of a ‘stabiliser’ your left hand is.  Naturally, the opposite would apply if one happened to be a ‘Lefty’ – an expression by which I mean left handed (not a person who supports left wing politics)!  Of course you’re on to a winner if ambidextrous.

There is a tremendous amount of strength required in being the ‘stabiliser’ and one only notices this when there is a deficit in that strength.  The knock on effect of my “Knitter’s Hand” has made the everyday activities, like washing up (oh boo hoo now can’t do it), opening a jar and even holding a media device such as a tablet, just a little more tricky.

Love your hands…..ay yaz this actually hurts!

And so I am acknowledging my body, and giving my wee hands a break.  Don’t get me wrong, I am itching to get those hands on a ball of wool, however I understand how allowing them to really rest and recuperate (perhaps with some massage and stretching…..there I go again), in due course they will be back raring to go all guns blazing.  Ironically, knitting teaches us to be patient, to slow down.  Nothing is completed quickly or in an instant.  Here it continues to teach us that we still need to down our needles from time to time, giving our mind and body a real holiday from the activity.

My “Knitter’s Hand” though is a real nod to my time as a Physiotherapist.  Those were lovely years, where I met extraordinary people, in both colleagues and patients.  It is where I have made friends for life.  It also reminds me of all those medical conditions which have almost been mocked in their given nicknames.  Many will have heard of a ‘Frozen Shoulder’ for instance, but it is just one of many.  “Knitter’s Hand” on the other hand (pardon the pun!) is of course unrecognised, but certainly describes my predicament.  I can also think of a few other afflictions which would suit a nickname.  The “Stubborn-as-a-Mule Head”, a condition I can relate to where the poor person is unable/unwilling to back down!  And then we’ve all come across those people with a real humdinger of an ailment,  whereby they have absolutely no control over their tongue thus speaking before thinking.  I think you’ll agree “Shoot Your Mouth off Tongue” is most sad and undesirable!

So where will my diversion therapy take me.  With tennis season upon us I could perhaps partake in a few games.  Umm no…..could get Tennis Elbow.  Ok my husband would love it if I threw myself into housework.  Umm no…..could get Housemaids Knee.  And Trigger Finger….well, you don’t want to ask!  No, I think I know where I’ll be……

A walk in the woods

Diversion Therapy